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Who Are We?

HIDROING was established in 2001 as an independent Engineering & Consulting Company.

Our firm has increasingly grown throughout time in both scope and character and today we are a multi-discipline engineering firm. Our unique story has led us to launch a culture that puts the focus on our clients, projects, and staff. Hidroing’s specialists provide services in the fields of Water Resources, Spatial, Urban Planning,  Architecture, and Energy to various state entities and the private sector. As a group of passionate and highly skilled engineers and specialists, we are cordially devoted to advancing environmental circumstances, locally and internationally.

We are aware that everything we do has a considerable environmental impact and thus it is our primary duty to minimize our ecological footprint. Whenever possible, we take steps to reduce or prevent pollution by following avoidance, the reduction, reusing, and recycling of resources. Our assurance of ecological protection, legal agreement, and constant improvement are the key components that guide us on our mission.

The company prides itself on having developed a strong standing for providing practical, cost-effective, and inventive solutions that meet our client’s needs and even exceed their expectations. This success is achieved by creating an atmosphere of friendship with our clients and identifying that every project is different and hence has its own unique set of principles that must be considered rather carefully. Yet, the most significant recognition comes from the continued work we receive from our clients – a high percentage of our work is generated through repeat business.

We work based on our essential integrities of Quality, Confidence, Interactions, Constancy, and Urge, outlining our certified practice of how we are systematized, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. One of the key components of our firm is Quality. Reliably surpassing prospects allows us to continue to build stable and lasting relationships with our clients and employees. It is the groundwork for everything we do at Hidroing; the fundamental of being exceptional.


At Hidroing, we consider ourselves creators of the contemporary-stage design progression.

We have extended our market attendance to become one of the supreme recognized companies in engineering and consulting. Our clients consider us their most reliable supporter of these qualified amenities. We regularly surpass their prospects and add remarkable values to each advanced relationship. Hidroing was founded upon the basis of believing that our business will only succeed once our clients succeed. So how do we do that? The answer is simple – we provide eective designs as eciently as possible.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of engineering, consulting and design.

We aim to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and contestants and to grow through solid character and continued to be acknowledged as prominent environmental through sectors locally, domestically, and globally.

HIDROING – as a global center of excellence.


What we do?



Our team offers interdisciplinary solutions to help our clients address social,  economic, environmental compressions affecting water resources management and use at international, national, and local levels.

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In a constantly evolving world where the planning and execution of projects are growing increasingly,   Hidroing emerges as a visionary force, driven by the firm belief in employing a holistic and comprehensive methodology.

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